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Mike D

Date : 2023-03-28

In contrast with the failure (to attend agreed appointments or answer calls) of other businesses I contacted, Home Electrics responded immediately with informed advice on my need to repair or replace a domestic dishwasher. They attended on time with the agreed replacement machine, fitted it to a higher standard than the original installation, removed all packaging and the old machine, and charged the agreed, very competitive price. Friendly, informed and professional people, who I am happy to recommend.

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Ijeoma Mgbokwere

Date : 2023-02-13

I bought a washing machine from currys and paid for installation, however when the men came to install it, they couldn't fit it into the space, couldn't pass the wires through as well. They left my washing machine at the middle of the kitchen. Bill and Adam from home electronics came to fix my oven and noticed my washing machine was not in place and offered to fix it in, pass the wires through and reconnect the pipes as well all at no cost. They did it with so much ease and experience. They are simply the best and I will highly recommend them. They are the best at what they do.

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Clare McDonnell

Date : 2023-02-12

Great Service, called on Friday described what the problem was. They said that they could fix my oven and would come round Monday. They arrived Monday morning and fixed it straightaway. I had already been told that it could not be fixed by a competitor who then tried to sell me a new oven. They saved me 100's and said my oven would be good for several years yet!
Will recommend them to all my neighbours

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Aj Reena Sawhney

Date : 2023-02-03

Hi, I called them up in the morning & explained I had a broken washing machine (which is every mums worst nightmare) - they managed to squeeze me in and fixed the machine the same day. Fair cost, quick and efficient! Thanks both. Reena!

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Marian Peacock

Date : 2023-01-18

I rang to see if they could call to fix my dishwasher which had a check water light flashing, wasn’t running and I couldn’t switch off. They explained they probably couldn’t come till next week as so busy but then asked me some questions and told me exactly what the problem was and how to fix it.
15 mins later and a bit of crawling round on the floor and all was working!
Fantastic help and they didn’t make a penny out of it but still willing to help. Can’t recommend them highly enough

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